Výborný výsledek U16 na turnaji v Leuvenu (Belgie) (14. 04. 2009)

Naše družstvo U16 složené z hráčů ročníků 1994 a 1995 se umístilo na dobrém 4. místě na silně obsazeném turnaji v Belgickém Leuvenu. Turnaj byl určen pro hráče narození 1993, i proto je výsledek cenným příslibem do budoucna, protože téměř identické družstvo bude v nadcházející sezóně bojovat v extralize U16.


Výsledky a fotografie


Game 4 - 4de wedstrijd - 12u00
Brno - Wevelgem  34-33
Once again a very tense and super game.
With only 5" to go the score was 33-33 with Wevelgem on the free throw  line. Both free throws were missed and in addition a foul was made giving Brno the possibility to take the game home with one point. - FOTOGRAFIE


Game 6 - 6de wedstrijd - 14u00
Soleuvre - Brno   21 – 58
Soleuvre started its second game with strongest intentions. The lack of lenght proved to be a real problem as would show from the first quarter onwards. Soleuvre was at the pursuit from there on. Brno, a finalist from the former edition was too strong for our team from Luxembourg.-FOTOGRAFIE


Game 10 - 10de wedstrijd - 18u00
Brno - Weert   43 – 54
Weert is playing the game quite physical and scores remained about equal during the first quarter. In the second quarter the scores of Weert are determining the match, they put down a 11-22 ! At half time we note 22-34 to the advantage of our neighbours Weert. The final result of this match showes a 12 points lead for Weert who by this won three games in the tournament.-FOTOGRAFIE


(4) 12u00   Leuven - Brno  41 – 25
Spotter Leuven was pushing immediately the gaspedal to the floor and placed an 11-0 on the scoreboard in the first few minutes of the game. Brno lost his orientation and couldn't make much of the game, causing a 20-11 result to the advantage of Leuven at half time.
At the start of the third quarter it was clear that Brno found its motivation back and was able to compensate for part of the loss, especially due to excellent free throw scores. The fourth quarter however was clearly too much and Leuven placed another 17-5 on the sheet giving them the winning touch of this match with clear numbers. -FOTOGRAFIE


15u00 Bronze medal game : Weert - Brno  44 – 40
We have seen this before, strong teams with solid and muscular players are playing strond defense and causr low scores. Only few shots from outside and unfortunately missed most of the time, probably due to the pressure and nervosity of the game. At the end of quarter three the score is 26-32 to the advantage of Brno. With less than two minutes to go both teams are at egality 38-38. Finally Brno gives under the pressure and Weert takes the third place - bronze - home.-FOTOGRAFIE

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